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Environmental Surveys

As experts in the sector, we build on our experience of delivering the Local Environmental Quality Survey of England for Defra and developing the NI195 methodology to design surveys that meet your needs.

It is important to independently review your local environmental quality to identify key issues and assess standards. It’s also crucial to monitor the impact and effectiveness of campaigns and interventions that aim to reduce littering, improve local places and increase recycling.

Our surveys produce information to help land managers improve resource efficiency and the attractiveness of an area. This benefits visitors, residents, businesses and workers.

"Keep Britain Tidy’s NI195 monitoring enables us to focus our efforts and resources better in order to continually improve our cleansing performance."

- City of London Corporation

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What’s included?


Beginning to end management of the survey, including:

  • Planning and design of the survey according to the client’s needs
  • Gathering of data from an agreed number of sites
  • Data provision, e.g. NI195-style results, and accompanying report
  • Surveyor observations and recommendations
  • Presentation of results

Benefits to you

  • Independent assessment
  • Performance and contract monitoring
  • Benchmarking against past performance and national standards
  • Identify areas for improvement
  • Increase service efficiency and effectiveness

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