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New research reveals plastic on beaches triggers “eco-anxiety"

The research comes as we announce the 2019 Blue Flag and Seaside Award-winning beaches.

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Improving the environment on your doorstep

Eliminating litter

600,000 bags of litter collected

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Ending waste

9 billion fewer bags

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Improving place

1,883 Green Flag Award parks

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Help turn the tide on litter pollution

You can make Britain a better place to live. We have the potential to transform the natural and urban environments across the UK. As a charity we can only achieve this with the help of your donations.


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We're Watching You

We’ve helped reduce dog-fouling by up to 77% with our innovative solution.

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Waste insights

Bespoke solutions from our Waste Insights team to help your reduce waste & increase recycling.

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A new campaign developed by Keep Britain Tidy for local authorities, to help stamp out smoking related litter.

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The Keep Britain Tidy Network

Access exclusive benefits as a local authority member of our Network.

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Our partnerships are tackling green problems and protecting the places you love

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