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Nine billion less bags thanks to our campaign

The latest Government figures reveal that we have used an astonishing NINE BILLION less single-use plastic bags since the bag charge was introduced in October 2015 as a result of a campaign by Keep Britain Tidy and our charity partners.

This an amazing 83% reduction and enough bags to wrap around the world more than 100 times.

This victory for the environment is down to our work, alongside our partners in the Break the Bag Habit coalition, who successfully campaigned for a charge.

Single-use plastic bags are an environmental disaster, particularly once they find their way into the ocean, so this reduction is helping to make a measurable difference to the amount of litter that ends up on our streets, in our parks and on our beaches and, ultimately, in our oceans.

Keep Britain Tidy Chief Executive Allison Ogden-Newton said:

“Nine billion fewer plastic carrier bags is what Keep Britain Tidy is all about. Successfully campaigning to have the 5p bag charge with the support of the public was a proud moment for us. Together we will reduce litter and clean up all environments, especially our precious coastlines.”


The Break the Bag Habit coalition was made up of charities including the Campaign to Protect Rural England, Surfers Against Sewage and Thames 21.

Take action!

By reducing your use of items such as plastic bags you are already making a difference, but you can go one step further by helping to clean up the litter on your street, local park or beach. Join #LitterHeroes, our year-round army of litter pickers and help create a better environment on your doorstep.

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