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University #LitterHeroes leading the way

Students might not be the first people who spring to mind when we think of #LitterHeroes – sometimes even getting a bad reputation when it comes to litter. But these students – fed up with litter in their new home town – saw a problem and decided to take action to tackle it themselves.

And they are not doing it alone. The organisers, students from the Geography and Environmental societies of Plymouth University, are reaching out and inviting others to get involved too.

By inviting fellow students, local residents and other members of their new community to join them, they’ll be collecting even more litter, creating great links and making a real difference to the place they’ve chosen to live and study in. Kicking off with last year’s Great British Spring Clean they are making their litter picking a regular effort.

As one student put it:

“What better way to spend a Saturday afternoon.”


We’ll leave the final word to one of our many student #LitterHeroes:

“It’s literally on our doorstep, so there’s no excuse.”


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