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An image of Wayne and his dog, Koda

One man (and his dog) on a mission

In February 2016, a man took his dog for a walk on the beach. But this was no ordinary dog walk and no ordinary pair. Because veteran and litter hero Wayne Dixon is a man on a mission.

He’s fulfilling a lifelong dream of walking the whole UK coastline. And during his 7,000 mile journey he’ll be litter picking and raising awareness with every step. His dog, Koda, is part of the inspiration for his epic litter pick – an injury caused by a discarded can when he was younger almost cost Koda his leg. But hundreds of pounds of vets' bills later, Koda is recovered and fit for the walk.

What is truly inspiring about Wayne isn’t just the huge amounts of litter he’s collecting. It’s the people he’s inspiring, the minds he is changing and the awareness he is raising along the way.

Whether its visiting schools to talk about his mission, inviting local people and visitors to join him on litter picks along his route or being an ambassador for our #GBSpringClean, this isn’t a solo mission for Wayne, he really is reaching out.

Wayne estimates he has another three or four years to go, so he’ll have plenty more opportunities to inspire others along the way. We’ll leave the final words in this story to Wayne himself.

“I have always been concerned about Britain’s litter issue, and whilst training for my walk, I noticed quite a lot of litter, especially in beautiful places, so I started to pick the litter up.

“I’m using this personal adventure to do my part in cleaning up the country and promoting Keep Britain Tidy with the hope of empowering others not to drop litter and to add litter picking in their daily routine and lead by example.”


You may not have a few years to dedicate, or the fitness to walk the whole coast, but if Wayne’s story has inspired you, then you can make a difference too.

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