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Global 'wave' of clean-ups this weekend

This weekend #LitterHeroes across the country are grabbing their litter pickers and gloves to take part in two big clean-up initiatives.

The first of which, World Cleanup Day, is happening tomorrow, Saturday 15 September 2018. Communities from 150 countries around the globe will take action, creating a powerful ‘green wave’ of clean-ups, spanning from New Zealand and ending, 36 hours later, in Hawaii.

The civic-led movement, run by Estonian-based Let’s Do It World, aims to stand up against the global waste pollution problem by cleaning up streets, parks, beaches and rivers and raising awareness, globally, about the severity of the situation.

“Cleaning beaches and public areas sounds like something that has been done before. But our mission is not just about cleaning, but to actually stop this problem once and for all. Humans are the only species who have managed to generate something that cannot be used by the rest of the ecosystem – waste.

80% of the plastic that floats today in our oceans has come from land, so we need to start there, working hand-in-hand with local communities”


Alongside World Cleanup Day, the Marine Conservation Society’s annual Great British Beach Clean, which is celebrating its 25th birthday this year, is happening this weekend at beaches across the country.

Find out more at World Cleanup Day and Great British Beach Clean

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