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A snapshot of 'Everyday Plastic'

What if you didn’t throw away your throw-away plastics?

Many of us are shocked by the amount of plastics in our bins each week. But what if you didn’t throw away any of the plastics you used for a whole year?

Plastic-campaigner Daniel Webb did just that – for one year he didn’t throw away any plastic he used, not even a straw or a clothes tag. And the shocking results of this project ‘Everyday Plastic’ are currently being displayed at Dreamland in Margate.

Here Daniel explains his project in his own words, and shares the stunning results.

"It’s pretty scary! Even if you take my usage as an average and multiply by the population of the UK, we are throwing away hundreds of billions of items of plastic each year, much of which is not recyclable."


Daniel’s project and stunning billboard has certainly made us all think. If it has had an impact on you too – whether you are shocked, saddened or sickened by it, there are little thing we can all do, to make a difference and turn the tide on plastic.

  • Change one thing – maybe say no to a straw, take a reusable bag next time you go shopping or buy food in larger containers rather than individual packaging
  • Tell one person – if Daniel’s art has had an impact on you, tell someone about it. Maybe make a simple plastic pledge together, like carrying a reusable coffee cup or water bottle.
  • Pick one piece – if everyone picked up one piece of plastic litter (or even one piece a day), just think of the difference we’d make together. 


You can help make a difference by sparing just a few hours for the Great Plastic Pick Up, 11-13 May 2018. 



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