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We have the (reusable) bottle but we don’t use it!

Hassle, forgetfulness or hygiene concerns are stopping people turning their increased awareness about plastic pollution into actions.

New research, launching today from ourselves and BRITA UK – shows that although people are more aware of the environmental impacts of plastic pollution, this is not yet translating into behaviour change.

Only a third of us feel guilty buying disposable plastic bottles, with people more focussed on the ‘hassle’ of switching. Even among those who own a  reusable bottle, half still buy bottled water, because they forget to take their reusable bottle out.

Filling up our bottles on-the-go is also a concern, with 69% of people feeling uncomfortable asking in a shop or café without buying something else.

But the good news is, there are solutions. Greater availability of filtered or tap water would encourage people to use reusable water bottles more. Nearly three quarters of people say they’d be encouraged to use a reusable bottle if they could help themselves to water in shops and cafes.

And its good news for businesses too, with 62% of people saying it would encourage them to use these businesses instead of a competitor. So improved facilities alongside our increasing awareness, could help turn the tide on plastic bottles.

The research, being launched in Parliament today, is part of BRITA’s wider #SwapForGood campaign – encouraging people to make small changes to their lifestyles that can have a big impact on the environment. And we’ll continue to work and campaign to help make these small changes easier for people – taking the hassle or worry out of doing the right thing. Together we can make a real difference.

Keep Britain Tidy Chief Executive Allison Ogden-Newton said:

“There has been encouraging progress in the past year to address litter levels from single-use plastic, but this report demonstrates that we are not there yet.

"Too many people still find it challenging to fill up on the go, while many more are still embarrassed to ask for tap, worried about the safety of water fountains, or just unwilling to go the extra mile and carry around a reusable bottle. We’ve simply got to get to a situation where topping up in glass or refillable bottle is the norm.”


Download the new report here.

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