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End of the line for single-use plastic?

Welcoming PM's move to tackle plastic pollution

End of the line for single-use plastic?


In response to today's announcement of the Government's 25 year environmental strategy, our Chief Executive, Allison Ogden-Newton, says,

“We are delighted that the government has listened to Keep Britain Tidy and extended the 5p on single-use plastic bags to all retailers.

“The bag charge, which we successfully campaigned to introduce, has proved to be incredibly successful in changing behaviour, with billions less bags in circulation and we look forward to similar measures to reduce the impact of plastic bottles, coffee cups  and other packaging on our environment.

“Charges like the proposed latte levy should not be about raising money, they need to drive behaviour change, and the bag charge has proved that they do.

“The public are behind our push-back on plastic and these measures will make a big difference not only in the amount of litter on the ground but also to the pollution that the plastic in our oceans represents – 80% of which comes from the land.”   


Want to get involved and make a difference now? Join our national clean up, the Great British Spring Clean.

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