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Shopping for success

Our top shop tips to help you reduce food waste


Food shopping might feel like a waste of time but don’t let it be a total waste - with our top tips you’ll be cutting your waste before it happens.

Lists are your friend.
A shopping list will keep you on track, stop you from forgetting your favourites or overstocking on beans (maybe that’s just me). If you are super-organised you can even make a meal plan and list all ingredients you’ll need to get for your upcoming teas.

Bogofs and special offers aren’t.
They may seem great value but bogofs (buy-one-get-one-free) and special offers can mean you are buying food that will end up straight in the bin. It’s simple, if you won’t eat it, don’t buy it (unless you can freeze it, store it or share it).

Embrace the wonky veggies.
Wonky veggies are often the ones that go to waste in shops. But they taste just as good, cook just as well and are still one of your five a day. So love your wonky veggies – some shops even sell these strange shapes and sizes cheaper.

Check those use-by-dates
(and don’t be afraid to reach for products at the back of the shelf). It’s easy to forget when you are in a rush, but picking items with longer dates will mean less food ends up in the bin (or bizarre meals combinations when everything in the fridge needs eating up tonight).

Don’t forget your bags.
It’s been a while now and most of us are used to taking our own bags by now, but we all still get caught out once in a while. Stuff your coat pockets, handbag, buggy, car and briefcase with a spare bag or two – hide one in your hat if it helps – so you’ll never be caught out if you need to nip to the shops. And always take more bags into the shop than you think you’ll need – we all know how easily buying a pint of milk can turn into a big shop.

And finally
Never go shopping hungry. Research shows it affects what we buy and who knows what you’ll end up bringing home.

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