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Making waves as a Beach Guardian

Meet one of our #LitterHeroes Ambassadors


Devoted litter picker and activist Emily Stevenson, who has been participating in beach cleans for over a decade, was amongst the first to become one of our #LitterHeroes Ambassadors when we launched the programme last year.

Cornwall-based Emily knows a lot about the impact of litter pollution and single-use plastic on our oceans. She graduated with a degree in Marine Biology in 2018, writing her final dissertation on marine plastics, and wore a dress made from crisp packets to her graduation ceremony, which also got the attention of the BBC and Sky News.

Emily has also now been recognised by the Prime Minister, recieving a Points of Light award for her inspirational voluntary work.

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Emily founded Beach Guardian CIC - a Community Interest Company - with her dad, and her mission is to keep our beaches, oceans and waterways free of litter pollution. She also believes in the power of working together to drive positive change, and along with being a Keep Britain Tidy #LitterHeroes Ambassador, she is also a Surfers Against Sewage Community Leader and a Sharks Trust Ambassador too. 

“Keep Britain Tidy has always been iconic to me in my movement to protect our planet, and becoming a #LitterHeroes Ambassador gives me such pride to represent such a fantastic charity. Collaboration is at the heart of all I do and it is an honour to be part of what Keep Britain Tidy do.”

“We are all connected. I want to inspire people to keep their towns and communities clean wherever they live.”


Emily coordinates beach cleans in North Cornwall and takes the plastic she collects to local schools, where she gives talks to young people about litter pollution and recycling.

Dedciated Emily goes on a litter pick every single day and is an advocate for the positive wellbeing benefits of litter picking to individuals, as well as the benefit to the local community.

“If you are wanting to do more to protect the environment, or even if you are looking for a new hobby or wanting to spend more time outside, grab a litter picker and get walking (safely)! There are so many benefits that are associated with litter picking, which are certainly not limited to nature. The impact on a person’s mental wellbeing is completely incomparable to all other outdoor activities.”


As a #LitterHeroes Ambassador, Emily aims to help people feel empowered to take action to stop litter pollution. She believes the link between litter pollution and the devastation it causes to wildlife motivates people to get involved and do something positive that makes a difference.

“You go to an open space, its littered. You litter pick, and its clean! Every piece of litter you pick up absolutely makes every difference.”


On being a #LitterHeroes Ambassador, Emily said...

“We are a community of friendly and incredibly passionate volunteers that are working extremely hard to protect the environment against the detrimental impacts of waste. There is power in numbers and the more people working on this, the bigger difference we will make!”


Emily is taking part in this year's Great British Spring Clean, hosting 14 beach cleans in Cornwall. Get involved in the Great British Spring Clean

About our #LitterHeroes Ambassador programme

You can apply to become a #LitterHeroes Ambassador from 22 March - 6 May. For more information on the #LitterHeroes Ambassador programme, please email us.

The #LitterHeroes Ambassador programme is funded by the Postcode Green Trust, supported by players of the People’s Postcode Lottery.

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