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All the (many) ways to get involved in the Great British Spring Clean

Make a difference & help clean up litter pollution


The ways of getting involved in the Great British Spring Clean are as unique and different as each of us. But every single person who gets involved is making a real difference and together we are clearing up our country. 

Got a plan but short of others to help you?
If you know a spot that needs some TLC but don’t know where to start or want to tidy up your neighbourhood but don’t know your neighbours sign up to host a clean-up to our Great British Spring Clean map, then others can come join you (or you can choose to keep your clean-up 'private'). Then just download posters and other resources to spread the word locally.

You’re already in groups but what next?
We're already in many different groups – our families or friends, neighbours, work colleagues, sports or social clubs or our children’s activities are just a few. Find out more and talk to your groups about getting involved.

Just one man (and his dog)?
Bit of a lone wolf or not tempted by group activities? You can get involved by yourself. Pledge to do your own clean-up as every single person who takes part is helping us make a difference. And by recording everyone who is involved, we can show that litter matters to people.

Short on time (or bad at organising things)?
Don’t worry, you don’t need to organise an clean-up yourself. You can search the map for a clean-up open to the 'public' to join in.

Already involved in litter picking?
Great news – thank you. Alone or with a group, plan something for the #GBSpringClean and be involved in the nation’s biggest litter-picking celebration. All self-respecting #LitterHeroes will be out in force during the Great British Spring Clean.

I’d love to get involved but…

Don’t let that stop you. Could you pick up ten pieces on the way to work or on your lunchbreak? Imagine if everyone picked up ten pieces and what a difference it would make. Or organise your colleagues to do a clean-up on your lunchbreak or after work.

Looking after the kids?
Great news – get them out helping you. Lots of schools are running their own Great Big School Clean during the Great British Spring Clean, so your kids can show you how. It’s a fantastic habit to get them into, with good exercise and fresh air. And it’s never too young to get them started, nursery groups are already getting involved.

Got plans with friends?
Catch up while you pick up. You can catch up with friends and do something good at the same time. You don’t need to organise anything, just join a clean-up near you or pledge to do your own. You can even head to a café or pub afterwards to celebrate your good work.

Already have plans at the beach?
Lucky you! And the good news is you can still get involved. Browse our map to find a clean-up at your local beach or if you are short on time, look out for a #2MinuteBeachClean board and get involved that way, don't forget to pledge your support so it can be counted.

It’s not just litter-picking...

Live your life on social media?
We are there too, look out for the #GBSpringClean and #LitterHeroes hashtags. Go ‘live’ on Facebook or Instragram during your litter pick, or document it using the ‘Stories’ feature. And don’t forget to brag about your achievements, too!

Want to support others?
There are other ways to get involved and help. Could you help promote clean-ups happening in your area? Does your child’s school need any support with their clean-up? If you run a café or shop you could donate hot drinks or refreshments to your local clean-up. There are so many different ways to help.

Love talking?
Don’t forget to tell everyone what you are planning. Then get talking about it – if you tell a few people, then they all tell a few people, then they all tell a few people … you get the idea. That’s how a movement begins. And every time you talk about it, mention so people can find out more.

Whatever you are planning on doing, make sure you take part in the Great British Spring Clean - it all counts and by getting involved you are helping to clean up the country and make a difference. 

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