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As #LitterHeroes pass down the generations, the future is in safe hands

Ten year-old Nathan – our newest Litter Hero – was inspired by his Grandad, after seeing litter blown into the allotments, “my grandad explained how bad litter was for wildlife, so we picked it all up.” Now this dedicated boy dreams of inspiring others too, like his hero Wayne Dixon – family friend, our original Litter Hero and our first #LitterHeroes Ambassador.

Wayne tells us about meeting Nathan, "He was the first young person I met who was so passionate about litter picking and keeping our environment clean and safe. 

“Seeing how dedicated he was inspired me to go in to schools and teach children Nathan's age about the dangers of litter towards wildlife and the importance of looking after our environment."

 Beginning with litter picking his grandad’s allotments four years ago, to help their chickens (and with his local council supplying litter pickers and high vis jackets) Nathan’s passion and dedication has continued to grow ever since. “I even collect rubbish when I am on my holiday so I don’t think I will stop ever. I would like to join Wayne when I am older.
Wayne has kept me motivated as it can sometimes get you upset when you have worked hard cleaning an area, and it’s easy to think why do I bother.


"But he is helping lots of people be more aware of litter and that it is ok to pick it up, so this is inspires me to keep doing it. I hope it will inspire others as well so I am like Wayne then.”

Nathan has won two trophies from his council too, with the ‘Good Neighbours Award’ and now he’s talking to the council about setting up a litter group of his own, ‘Nathan’s proud litter pickers.’ The name comes from his Mum, who has always told Nathan to be proud of his litter-picking achievements, just like his whole family are proud of him.
When Wayne visited Nathan’s school, talking to the juniors, a group of 21 collected a staggering 120 bags from outside school and the surrounding areas. Together they inspired at least two others in Nathan’s school to get litter picking regularly too. 
We’ll end with Nathan, sharing his messages, firstly to those who drop litter, “Please take your rubbish home with you or to the nearest bin. It isn’t nice dropping even the smallest amount of rubbish and it isn’t hard to take it home with you.

And finally to anyone tempted to get involved it litter picking themselves,

“Do it. Be proud to do it. It is really good making things nice for others and all the animals.” 

Wise words from a wonderful Litter Hero – keep up your great work Nathan, both litter-picking and inspiring others. You are already an inspiration to us. And our final words are from Wayne himself, who says it better than we could, 

“Nathan is an inspiring young person and a great role model for other young people to aspire to. Seeing Nathan’s enthusiasm and passion gives me hope for the future.”

If you have a passion for the environment on your doorstep, are inspired by Nathan's story and want to spread your enthusiasm too, then why not join us and become a #LitterHeroes Ambassador. Whether you have lots, or just a little time to spare, see how we can hep you help your local area. Find out more and get involved.

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