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It started in a park

Many of us have fantastic memories that started in a park – whether it’s flying a kite with our grandads, time spent with friends, teaching our own children to walk, or a hundred other things – parks bring people together.

That’s why – this Love Parks Week, 13-22 July 2018 – we are inviting everyone to get down to their local park or green space and celebrate all the amazing things that ‘started in a park’. Here are a few ideas to get you started, why not let us know your ideas too? #LoveParks

Get together

Parks are a fab place to get people together, whether it’s a family picnic and game of rounders, or meeting your neighbours at an event, use Love Parks Week as an excuse to get together.

Get fit

Walking, jogging, plogging or even Nordic walking - however you choose to get started, the park is the place to start. Many parks even have gym equipment or fitness trails to help you along.

Get riding

Whether you are teaching or learning, parks are a great place to start – grab a bike, trike, scooter or unicycle and get riding down to your local park.

Get a bit of me-time

Parks are just as good for quiet me-time as for loud together times. See if your park runs t’ai chi classes or just grab a good book and a quiet spot in the shade.

Get exploring

Whether it’s a child’s first explorations of nature, or adults rediscovering wildlife in the middle of a bustling city, parks are often where it starts. Join an organised wildlife event or just sit quietly and listen to the birds sing.

Get nostalgic

Parks and nostalgia go together – it’s hard not to have happy childhood memories at the park. Recreate your happy childhood times and introduce them to friends and family.

...And lastly, get great new memories

Great things start in your local park – so what are you waiting for?

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