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Feeling frustrated? Unclean neighbourhoods could be to blame

New research from our partners at Kärcher


A staggering four in five Brits (84%) admit the cleanliness of their community has a significant impact on their emotional wellbeing, new research has revealed. The research found that living in an area free from dirt, grime and litter significantly improves mood (97%) and leads to increased pride in the community (96%) whilst living in a dirty area makes Brits feel frustrated (92%).  

The study, commissioned by cleaning experts Kärcher, in partnership with Keep Britain Tidy, also found that the most common neighbourhood gripes for Brits are litter (66%), dog mess (64%), fly tipping (42%) and broken glass (32%). More than half of all Brits (55%) strongly feel that they would be put off buying a house in a messy neighbourhood and almost four in ten said their community could do with some TLC.  

The community spaces that Brits say are most important to be kept clean and tidy are parks, pavements, public transport and shops. People living in clean community spaces reported higher levels of happiness, lower levels of frustration and were more likely to say they’re proud of their town than those living in dirty areas. 

In a bid to boost emotional wellbeing and restore pride in communities, Kärcher and Keep Britain Tidy have made a commitment to deep clean a UK neighbourhood in need of some TLC. The pledge will see Kärcher’s team of cleaning experts transform the buildings, pavements and paths to restore a community to its former glory in a bid to improve the emotional wellbeing of its residents and help them to feel an increased sense of pride in their area.

“Our research has found that there’s a close correlation between emotional wellbeing and the cleanliness of our communities. We can all relate to how it feels to walk down dirty streets and the impact this can have on our mood but, the good news is we found that living in a clean environment actually makes us happier and gives us a sense of pride in our communities.

“That’s why we want to hear from Brits who may have given their local area a tidy up but need a helping hand to improve the cleanliness of their neighbourhood. We’ll bring our Kärcher cleaning experts to one location to give it a deep clean which we hope will make that community a little happier and give them a boosted sense of pride in their hometown, as well as inspiring other communities to do the same.” 

- Jack Sweeney, Marketing Director for Kärcher


“Litter blights our streets, parks and beaches and costs us millions of pounds to clean up every year. This research highlights the important implications living in dirty areas has on our mental and even financial wellbeing. More than 420,000 Brits have signed up to the Great British Spring Clean campaign so far, which is incredible, but we know we can do even better.

“We’re delighted to be working with Kärcher on their community clean as part of our Great British Spring clean and we’d urge those who have signed up to the Great British Spring clean to also enter the community clean-up with Kärcher for the chance to make a real difference in their bit of the world.”

-Allison Ogden-Newton, CEO at Keep Britain Tidy


To get your local neighbourhood Kärcher cleaned, enter the competition by following and messaging Kärcher UK on their Facebook or Instagram channels. In your message, explain why you think your area deserves to be cleaned and include some images of the areas most in need of attention.

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