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Call for national action after shocking jump in fly-tipping incidents

Call for new approach as fly-tipping rises by 8%


Responding to the dramatic 8% increase in fly-tipping, announced by the Government today, Allison Ogden-Newton, Chief Executive of environmental charity Keep Britain Tidy, said:

“A national programme to educate the public about the dangers and costs of fly-tipping is needed now as we have the evidence of a serious and rapidly escalating problem in this country in how we dispose of our rubbish.

“Keep Britain Tidy suspects that, bad as these figures are, the reality may be even worse as many incidents of fly-tipping are being categorised as littering so not being counted.

“In our manifesto we are calling for action on fly-tipping at national level. We need a programme of education and engagement in every local authority in the country so that the public understands the law and the impact of their behaviour, both financially and environmentally.

“We know there are approaches that work and, in the coming months, we will be putting forward such a programme that we believe can transform our country from one where fly-tipping is out of control to one where we see these figures declining, significantly, year on year.

“Our research shows that many people are unaware that they are doing something illegal when they put out black bags or small items because councils are clearing them up extremely quickly and efficiently to keep our streets clean and not telling people that what they are doing is wrong. 

“The reality is that this is fuelling the fly-tipping epidemic and costing all of us, as tax-payers, many millions to clean up.

“Britain is becoming a country divided, with more people than ever worrying about the environment and waste and yet equally a growing number of people habitually dumping their rubbish, wrecking that same environment others wish to protect.” 



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