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Gum Litter Policy

Gum litter and staining is ubiquitous across the country – we want to see it substantially reduced by 2020 and all but eradicated by 2030.

We will continue working with the chewing gum industry and government through the Chewing Gum Action Group. Seeking to prioritise new research, campaigns and innovation that can be scaled to provide national solutions.

We will continue to promote novel solutions, like recycling gum into plastic polymers and scale these schemes where appropriate.

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How can government help?


We want government (DCLG and Defra) to develop policy introducing the concept of extended producer responsibility for the gum industry, ensuring the industry bears the cost of gum litter prevention campaigns.  

How can the chewing gum industry help?


We want the main industry bodies to continue to engage actively in the development and funding of schemes and campaigns such as CGAG aimed at preventing chewing gum litter. In particular by supporting new innovation and research that can be scaled up into national solutions e.g. recycling of gum, packaging that doubles as wrappers for used gum.

How can local authorities help?


We want all local authorities to ensure they provide sufficient bins, especially in retail or commercial areas with more gum littering. Also to consider whether bins with separate compartments for gum (allowing gum recycling) are viable and cost effective in these areas.

We want all local authorities to ensure that Fixed Penalty Notices are issued for gum littering when it is observed – as yet there are no instances of gum litterers being issued with FPNs.

We want all local authorities to work with us in rolling out new interventions which prove effective and by removing gum staining from paved surfaces in pilot project locations.

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