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The Waste Services team's year in numbers

Another great year for our Waste Services team


2016 was a great year for our Waste Services team, working with local authorities, waste contractors, schools and communities to manage waste better. The icing on the cake was becoming finalists in the National Recycling Awards 2017 Team of the Year Award.  

But don’t just take our word for it – we’ve pulled together some numbers to show just why this team have the wow factor.

2,300 African elephants – the weight of waste we diverted from disposal (or 12,500 tonnes)

123,000 doors - we knocked on, talking to 46,000 people on their doorstep about recycling.

More than 40 social care workers – equivalent to the savings we achieved for the local authorities we worked with (or £1.1M).

46 organisations – the local authorities, waste authorities, waste contractors, housing providers and third sector organisations across England we worked with.

930 hours of volunteer time donated by 40 people to run 166 waste reduction events.

Over half a million households we worked with, to help people reduce, reuse and recycle.

Up to 30% increase in food waste recycling, with cost savings of up to £340,000 a year in one council alone.

24,000 adults and children learning about reducing food waste, home composting, reuse and recycling at our roadshows, events and workshops in schools and communities.

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