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Thoughtless 'tossers' are killing our wildlife

As a new report - to be published in our journal of litter and environmental quality - shows, littered drinks and bottles along our roadsides are killing millions of our native mammals every year, we are calling on everyone - 'don't be a tosser!'

Drinks bottles and cans that litter our roadside are also acting as graveyards for some of our rarest and most important small mammals - including shrews, bank voles and wood mice.

A study found more than 8% of littered bottles and nearly 5% of cans contained these poor animals' remains.

“We have all seen the impact of littered plastic bottles on our marine environment in recent months. Now, thanks to this research, we know it is killing millions of the small mammals that are a vital source of food for our native birds of prey.

“It is time for everyone to take responsibility for their rubbish. If you care about our country and its wildlife don’t be a ‘tosser’.”

-Chris Packham, Keep Britain Tidy ambassador, naturalist and TV personality

Our new campaign, for local authorities and land managers, is aimed at those motorists who thoughtlessly throw rubbish from their vehicles, with the simple blunt message 'Don't be a Tosser.'
With new regulations coming into force next year, making it easier for councils to fine those who throw rubbish from their cars, our CEO's message is loud and clear. 

“Enough is enough. Keep your rubbish in your car and then put it in a bin when you can. Better yet, make sure you recycle it when you get home.”

-Allison Ogden-Newton, Keep Britain Tidy CEO

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