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Strong women take the lead - today, yesterday and tomorrow

Celebrating International Women's Day 2018


We were founded by strong, forward-thinking women of the Women's Institute over 60 years ago, and today we are proud of our CEO, Allison Ogden-Newton, leading the fight and inspiring others to cut litter, end waste and improve public spaces.

Guided by chair of trustees Suzy Brain England OBE and five other female trustees, and championed by celebrity ambassadors including Julia Bradbury, Kirstie Allsopp and Vicki Michelle, the charity is going from strength to strength. 

And the future is looking bright, with an army of young #LitterHeroes, taking matters into their own hands and making a real difference

Whether it’s sticking to what she believes in and standing up to bullies like 12-year-old ‘Trash Girl’ Nadia.

“Big challenges aren't so big when many hands pitch in” -Nadia


Nine-year-old Lilly’s Plastic Pick Up messages going global.

“Less talking more doing” -Lilly


Or seven-year-old Elizabeth inspiring a ‘Little Collector Crew’.

“together we can make a difference” -Elizabeth


The next generation of girl power is helping to clean up our country. Young or old, male or female, please join these inspirational #LitterHeroes and together we can all make a real difference.

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