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North Londoners swished and swapped for good

Thanks to our seven recent Swish and Style events across the boroughs, the fashion-forward people of North London have swished their way to new clothes and a healthier planet. 

Bringing an amazing 3,348 pieces of clothing along to the events, people went away with new ideas, help fixing their old favourites and an amazing over 750kg of new-ish (and free) clothes.

The hundreds of people who attended learnt new upcycling skills (with 86% saying they’d be doing more of this in the future). And even more said they’d be passing along what they’d learnt to family and friends thanks to our events.

With 972kg of clothes diverted from landfill (or rotting at the back of wardrobes) our events were good for people, fashion and the planet. And with those attending promising to spread the word, North Londoners have swapped for good.

"I can't tell you how happy I am with everything I learned today - this made my week!"

"Inspiring to see workshop ideas - and so pleased to have my coat repaired. Thank you. I love this event and tell all my friends." 

"It was fun! It was my first and will do it again!"

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