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IMPORTANT MESSAGE: Stay safe this spring clean

Given the current weather forecast for the week ahead - we advise all participants to keep an eye on the weather and if there is any doubt about safety then do not go ahead with your event. 

We will now include all events taking place up to 26 March within the #GBSpringClean campaign and so there is plenty of time to rearrange your event for a time when the weather is better.

The BBC Weather service have predicted snow falls and freezing temperatures across parts of the country. Ice presents a risk of slipping and freezing temperatures make for uncomfortable conditions with potential for hypothermia. In addition, heavy snow makes litter picking impossible.

The current weather warnings run from today (Monday) through to Thursday with both yellow and the more serious amber alerts in force. While alerts are not currently in place beyond Thursday 1 March, the longer range forecast also includes snow for parts of the country. This link gives more detailed information.

Keep an eye the weather forecasts and conditions near you. If there is any doubt about safety then do not go ahead with your event - stay safe #LitterHeroes.

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