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The 'Colne Ranger' takes to the water

We were delighted to see the 'Colne Ranger' take to the water this weekend, making a difference during its maiden womble along Essex's river Colne, as part of our RiverCare project. 

This new canoe, for the Wivenhoe Canoe and Kayak Club, but proudly branded with our RiverCare logo, was bought thanks to Tesco's Bags of Help local community grant scheme. 

Thanks to the votes of local shoppers, the group received a £1,500 cheque for the canoe, from 5 pences raised from the single-use plastic bag charge. We've already seen the charge cut single-use plastic bags used since its introduction. And now this money will be used to remove even more single-use plastics (and other litter) from the environment.

The Colne Ranger is already achieving great things. On its maiden voyage last weekend, with the help of other boats from the Wivenhoe canoe & kayak club and the Colchester canoe club (plus around 30 volunteers on the riversides), 20 bags of rubbish - plus a road sign and various traffic cones - were collected from the river's hard to reach areas. 

Our thanks go to Wivenhoe RiverCare, both canoe clubs, local Tesco shoppers and volunteers from Colchester in bloom, Sea Shepherds and locals who heard about the litter pick and wanted to help out their local area. And with more litter picks already planned, we are sure the Colne Ranger will keep achieving great things.

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