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Celebrating award-winning schools, thanks to our partners at the Vegetarian Society

Congratulations to Laughton Community Primary School, who achieved their first Eco-Schools Green Flag award last week. Whilst 930 English schools have currently achieved this prestigious international award (with hundreds more working towards it), this is the first school to receive their Green Flag assessment for free, thanks to funding from our partners at the Vegetarian Society.

Students and staff from this East Sussex primary school worked through the seven steps, just like all our Eco-Schools, choosing to focus on healthy living as one of their topics. But because they were already doing work to promote more vegetarian food being eaten, and understand about the environmental impacts of our food choices (as many of our Eco-Schools are), this Silver-awarded Eco-School were eligible for the fantastic funding opportunity from the Vegetarian Society.

Laughton Community Primary School choose to incorporate their vegetarian projects into the Healthy Living topic of their Green Flag application (though it can also be linked to our other topics too), telling us about:

  • Meat-free Mondays each week for school lunches (with veggie options also available every day).
  • Fruit and vegetable snacks available for all pupils at break time.
  • Raising awareness about where meat comes from (and how it is processed) into the school curriculum.
  • Promoting responsibility about food choices to both pupils and their parents.

“Congratulations to the Eco-Committee, staff and all pupils at Laughton Community Primary School on achieving your Green Flag. And thank you to our partners at the Vegetarian Society for supporting even more schools on their Eco-Schools journey.” - Lee Wray-Davies, Eco-Schools Manager.


We’ll leave the final words to some of the school’s Eco-Committee, on hearing they had achieved their Green Flag...

Amazing- Callie

We are really pleased with our effort - Aurora 

It feels really special - Seth

Absolutely incredible- Yara

We couldn’t agree more – Congratulations. Find out more about our Eco-Schools programme, how it benefits students and the environment, and how your school can get involved. 

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