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Enforcement policy

We believe there should be a national standard for enforcement to ensure that the public continues to support the fining of those individuals who think it is OK to treat our country as a rubbish dump.

As a country, we need a robust mechanism for enforcement. Littering is illegal and antisocial and if people flout the law they should expect to be punished.

We need the public at large to support councils’ enforcement of the littering legislation and this is why enforcement by anyone, whether a local authority or a private enforcement company, must be seen to be reasonable and proportionate.

Poor enforcement damages the reputation of those of us who are working to create a cleaner environment because it loses public trust. We are adamant that all enforcement must be done in line with the Defra guidelines.

This means that Fixed Penalty Notices (FPN) must not be issued for accidental littering – eg if something falls out of a pocket – and that the offender should be given the chance to pick up the litter before an FPN is issued.

Please note this page is being reviewed, please consult the DEFRA website for upto date guidance.

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Enforcement Academy


That is why we run the only accredited training academy for enforcement officers, ensuring they work to the highest standards. Our National Enforcement Academy trains individuals who are responsible for enforcement. The course ensures all enforcement officers fully understand their role and obligations under the law.

Network membership – sharing best practice and legal expertise


Members of our Network are dealing with enforcement issues every day on the ground. This active group of local authorities and other land managers share best practise, learn from each other and develop together.

Our members also have access to our 'Ask the Expert' service, having an experienced enviro-crime solicitor answer their legal questions or concerns.

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