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Clean-up details:

  • Date: Friday, 02 March, 2018
  • Time: 09:30 - 13:00
  • Address: Harbour Avenue, Plymouth, PL5 1BH
  • Local authority: Plymouth City Council

About this clean-up:

We want to conduct this litter pick / clean up because the accumulation of rubbish is blighting our neighbourhood. We are situated very close to the local MVV incinerator, who are very supportive of our efforts, carrying out their own clean ups and will no doubt join us. Sadly some of the waste trucks are so full that it means litter and rubbish escape on the approach roads to the facility. A recent addition of a new drive thru KFC just around the corner also compounds the discarding of rubbish from passing cars and more in car parks and local roads. Camels Head Creek is a waterway which is tidal and flows in and out of Plymouth Sound. The discarding of rubbish in locals woods and pathways that border this creek, along with airborne items of rubbish, are all contributing to the pollution that makes its way into our rivers and oceans. If every person picked up three pieces of rubbish whilst walking out of their front door, walking to their car, on their way to work, whilst walking the dog etc then we could make serious inroads on the reduction of rubbish littering our environment. Everyone is welcome to join us on the litter pick and creek clean, litter picking equipment, gloves and bags will be provided, along with light refreshments on our return! Thanks for your support!

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