RiverCare encourages local communities to take pride in their environment and come together to maintain and enhance this for future generations.

Located within East Anglia this long term project is managed by Keep Britain Tidy and funded by Anglian Water.

The groups do much more than just clear litter, they remove non-native species, survey and monitor flora and fauna and carry out habitat management and restoration.

These groups work with Keep Britain Tidy, and receive support and advice from Wildlife Trusts, RSPB, Environment Agency, Natural England, National Parks Authority, district and county councils to manage vital wildlife corridors and maintain national nature reserves, rare bird colonies and priority habitats within the UK.

One major reason why RiverCare projects are so successful is Anglian Water’s commitment to creating a cleaner and greener environment.

This is how one RiverCare volunteer described being part of the project;


“A real sense of camaraderie (and) a sense of satisfaction at seeing improvements to the river. I have learnt a lot about the environment, gained confidence in what I can contribute and achieve and I have learnt a lot about team work. It has altogether been a very worthwhile experience for me.”

Pamela Abbott, Natural England’s area manager for Norfolk, said of one group working at North Denes;

“They are doing a fabulous job and play an essential role in maintaining this fragile site. North Denes is an extremely important site containing a number of different rare dune habitats - these support a diverse range of plants and animals".


 RiverCare and groups represent the power of community spirit and that loving wildlife and loving where you live, goes beyond social boundaries.


BeachCare launches in Lincolnshire

Come and join us for the launch of our BeachCare programme in Lincolnshire on 16 April.    08 April 2016

New river monitoring role for Peterborough RiverCare

Peterborough City Centre RiverCare group are leading on an exciting new project to monitor the health of the Werrington Brook in the city.   08 April 2016

Restoring the River Slea

Sleaford RiverCare group have been involved in restoring a section of the River Slea, in Lincolnshire.   01 March 2016


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