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This is what happens when you litter

Ocean researchers remove plastic straw removed from sea turtle's nostril, where it was fully lodged and obstructing his airway.   18 August 2015

Children ditch computers for parks and beaches

A recent survey shows today's children are in favour of ditching their computers for a trip to their local beach or park.    17 August 2015

Beach bar gives away free beer for cig butt clean up

Bosses at the Tibu-Ron bar near Barcelona, are offering free beer or soft drinks to anyone who collects a jar full of discarded filters from nearby sands.   11 August 2015

RiverCare and BeachCare celebrate Volunteers Week

Volunteer Essex invited Keep Britain Tidy to host a Volunteers’ Week event inviting the people of Southend to try volunteering for a day.    31 July 2015

UK supermarkets give out 8.5 billion single-use bags

Shoppers took 8.5 billion single-use plastic bags in 2014   24 July 2015

Record number of parks achieve the Green Flag Award

More parks and green spaces than ever will be flying the Green Flag Award this year   23 July 2015

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