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Thank you park lovers

for showing how much you #LoveParks and helping us protect them   15 August 2017

Please #binit4beaches this summer

Even if you don't visit the beach this summer, you can still help protect it   14 August 2017

Funding announced for new green spaces

London mayor announces millions to fund 'greener and healthier' spaces.   10 August 2017

Team knock on their 20,000th Trafford front door

We're spreading the word about recycling across Trafford, one door step at a time.   04 August 2017

Thank you to our RiverCare BeachCare volunteers

Volunteers celebrate after picking up a sperm whale's weight in litter.   04 August 2017

Calling for new journal articles

Do you work in or research litter or environmental quality? Want to be published?    03 August 2017

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