Building on the success of our RiverCare programme, we are also working with people to adopt their local beaches.

In Cornwall, Devon the Fylde Coast in Lancashire and the Anglian region, this has already begun. Through our BeachCare programme, community groups have been mobilised to reduce the litter on the beaches and care for our coastline. They have already made a real difference, transforming the places they love. For more information about BeachCare in the Anglian region, please click here.

Through BeachCare, we are encouraging people to get involved in the management of their local beach, while also increasing awareness of coastal issues. The project also enables us to collect valuable data on what is being found along our coast, so we can campaign on the most significant problems.

The results can also be interesting and innovative. Unsightly litter can become a useful resource. For example, in 2010, more than 350 body boards discarded on Cornwall’s beaches were turned into under-floor cushioning for a local theatre and dance company.

Get involved

Can you spare an hour a month to get involved in a local BeachCare group? It is not only about picking up litter and the sense of achievement of having done something to improve your beach, you can also have fun at the same time and make new friends. A little bit of effort from you could give BeachCare invaluable data on what waste we have on our beaches and also give you a say on how the project is managed at your beach.

We are looking for all types of people and groups to come along to our beaches and help out. Environment days for businesses, volunteer organisations, youth and social groups – please come and help your local beach.


South West BeachCare Project

For further information about our BeachCare programme, please contact Les Warren, Volunteering and Community Engagement Manager on or 07918 053981.