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99 dead balloons

What do you get if you combine a Cornish children’s author, an eco-designer, two-minute beach cleans and an environmental charity?

Clothing made from discarded balloons - a unique way to highlight the issue of balloon releases and the environmental damage they cause. The launch of this thought-provoking creation is supported by local school children all holding up 99 dead balloons that have been picked up from Cornish beaches.

The eco-designer Linda Thomas hit the headlines in the summer with her 72-foot long ‘Wave of Waste’ dress made from 100 discarded bodyboards in collaboration with our BeachCare team. This new project is equally important to her,

 “I frequently come across balloons on our family walks or during beach cleans. I became aware a few years ago that even the natural balloons are a big environmental hazard as they breakdown to look like jellyfish and other food sources for marine animals. Working on the balloon waste dress I discovered how the foil balloons are just glorified plastic bags. The longer they are at sea the silvery pattern flakes off and you are left with a clear plastic shape with ribbon dangling off it.


“Letting a balloon go is no different from standing on a cliff and letting a plastic bag attached to a ribbon go.”


Keep Britain Tidy Chief Executive Allison Ogden-Newton said: “In recent weeks, thanks to the incredible Blue Planet 2, we have all seen the damage caused by the plastic we are allowing to enter our marine environment, 80% of which comes from the land.

“We can all do something to make a difference by changing our behaviour and there is absolutely no reason why balloons should be finding their way into our seas and killing turtles, dolphins and other marine life.”

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