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It just takes one girl to start a movement … our latest (youngest) Litter Hero

“My name is Elizabeth and I am seven, I want to help make Wirral a better place for everyone. I pick litter up to protect our wildlife and oceans and to make the planet look like how it should.”


Elizabeth, our youngest Litter Hero we’ve celebrated (so far) is an inspiration to us all. Not only is she making a real difference in her local area, but she’s helping and encouraging others to get involved too. So far she’s got 25 ‘Little Collectors’ involved, and more are joining her all the time.

This junior litter hero has a dedication and passion well beyond her years. Here, in her own words, she tells her story and shares her messages for others. Beginning with what inspired her to get started,

“Last April I was in the car with my mum when I saw a man throw some rubbish out of his car window onto the road. This really upset me and I couldn’t understand why someone would do this. I wanted to do something about it so I decided to do a litter pick on the road where I live. I just hoped that people would notice what I was doing and think about their own actions.”


This simple litter pick started to grow … she kept on litter picking, whilst her Mum and Dad started up a Facebook pageso more people understand how much litter I was finding, to help make them think.” 1,425 people are already following Elizabeth’s journey and she “started to get lots and lots of support and other children wanted to join in.”

Last summer, she was put in contact with the rangers at Green Flag awarded Birkenhead Park and together they started up ‘The Little Collector Crew’. The crew meet at the park once a month to do a clean-up with their families followed by outdoor activities run by one of the rangers. 

“Using Facebook and Twitter has really helped me to spread my positive messages. I collect litter most weeks and post photos. Just being seen on the streets makes people smile and chat about it. People I know and people I don’t know are collecting litter on their daily adventures!”


For the Great British Spring Clean, Elizabeth and her crew have registered a clean-up at Birkenhead Park, where they are planning to dress up as super heroes.

“We can fight litter together and show so many people that it is fun! My crew all know that by collecting litter we are protecting all our wildlife and the future of our planet.”


Elizabeth’s motto is, “together we can make a difference.” If you agree, join her and us for our Great British Spring Clean – register and then join or add an event - together we really can make a difference.

And Elizabeth’s plans for the future? “I am going to carry on what I am doing to be a positive example and try to make a difference.” With her passion and dedication, she’s an inspiration to us and, starting young, we are sure she’ll make an amazing difference. 

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