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How we increased food waste recycling by up to 38% for West London (and how we can help you too)

The difference we made …

Monitoring food waste collected before and after the intervention, revealed an average 24% increase in the (weight of) food waste collected per household per week. This ranged from an 11% increase in Richmond-upon-Thames, up to a staggering 38% in Ealing.

Why we did it …

The project’s aim was to understand how residents could incorporate using their food waste recycling service as part of their regular recycling routine. While also reducing the amount of food waste ending up in their general waste bins.

What we did…

Between July 2016 and February 2017, our Waste Services team was commissioned to roll out food waste recycling interventions to targeted households with the four boroughs.  We delivered the interventions in two phases, six months apart, to maximise the impact

Who we worked with …

We were commissioned by the West London Waste Authority (WLWA), working across four London boroughs (Brent, Ealing, Hounslow and Richmond-upon-Thames). The project was part of a Resource London part-funded food waste recycling intervention program.

How we did it …

  • The first phase saw “no food waste please” stickers stuck to the lids of residents’ general waste wheelie bins. Acting as a visual prompt, the sticker reminds residents to recycle their food waste instead.
  • Leaflets were also delivered to each household explaining how their local service worked and the benefits of participating in their food waste recycling service (things like the creation of fertiliser or saving the council money on general waste disposal, which can then be spent on other services).
  • To help residents get started, a six month initial supply of food waste caddy liners was also delivered to each household.
  • During the second phase, six months later, residents were topped up with an extra six month supply of liners to encourage them to keep recycling their food waste and make it part of their daily routine.
  • In Ealing’s case, households also received a free internal food waste caddy to help store their collected food waste from the kitchen.

What our partners said …

“Working with Keep Britain Tidy helped us deliver interventions to households as part of a food waste intervention project across four boroughs.

“Their commitment to the project helped us gain valuable insight and a better understanding of how to encourage residents to use their food waste recycling service more frequently.”

How we can help you too …

Our Waste Service team at Keep Britain Tidy works with local authorities, waste companies, housing providers and schools to help people reduce waste and increase recycling.


We do this through community engagement campaigns, education in schools, marketing communications, consultancy work, staff provision and training. We also monitor and evaluate the impact of waste and recycling schemes and initiatives. For more information contact Anna Scott, Waste Services Manager:

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