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Dog fouling policy

We want to see dog fouling substantially reduced by 2020 and all but eradicated by 2030. We will continue to develop and support campaigns or initiatives focusing on dog owners’ reasonability and supporting the concept of ‘any bin will do’.  

We will support local authorities in incentivising citizen action, or implementing new rules under PSPOs requiring dog owners to carry a poo bags. And lobby for sufficient finance to support Local Authorities in effective investigation and enforcement.

We will continue to oppose interventions that require mass sampling or DNA collection from dogs, unless supported by government legislation and finance for both delivery and enforcement.

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How can government help?


We want government to ensure that local authorities receive the necessary funding to enable an effective investigation and enforcement service, maintaining an effective deterrent against dog fouling.

How can local authorities help?


We want all local authorities to provide an effective network of bins in known dog walking areas and dog fouling hot-spots, capable of receiving dog waste and ensure they are serviced regularly. We want local authorities to maintain an effective enforcement service and make full use of current controls, such as PSPOs, to ensure that dogs and dog waste are effectively controlled.

How can NGOs help?


We want NGOs (in particular animal charities such as Dogs Trust, Battersea and RSPCA) to continue in their efforts to raise the issue of dog fouling with their customers, ensure that advice on dog fouling is made available at the time animals are homed and support our national awareness campaigns.

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