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Neighbourhood Award

Our Neighbourhood award recognises and promotes the country’s very best social housing providers.

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Why should I apply?


What does the award focus on?


The award focuses on three areas:

  • Cleaner – streets, free of litter, rubbish, flytipping, graffiti and fly-posting, where people feel safe and children can play without fear.
  • Safer – well-lit neighbourhoods where people feel secure in their homes and are not plagued by noisy neighbours or anti-social behaviour.
  • Greener – communities with attractive and inviting parks and open spaces that are not blighted by dumped rubbish, graffiti or abandoned vehicles and where residents adopt more sustainable lifestyles.

What is the award process?


The Neighbourhood Award presents social housing providers with a clear framework against which they can be assessed.

After registering, you can attend a bespoke workshop, providing practical advice and support. We’ll provide you with a workbook to complete and let you know about the evidence you’ll need to submit. Once we’ve collected all your evidence, we’ll arrange for your assessment visit.

What are the award levels?


The award has three levels (Silver, Gold and Platinum), to inspire you to continually improve, and to celebrate your hard work even if you don’t meet all the criteria to begin with.

The Silver award is for organisations that have a clear desire to improve their neighbourhoods and are committed to achieving this. Gold shows you are clearly working to make your neighbourhood cleaner, safer and greener.

Platinum is reserved for those who have made their neighbourhood clean, safe and green. Creating a community where people are happy to live, work and visit, and committed to maintaining these exceptional standards.

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