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Former servicemen and women can face many challenges when they leave the armed forces, and among the toughest of these challenges are reintegrating into civilian life and replicating the sense of purpose and self-worth they experienced while serving.

Many will find new purpose through employment, but volunteering can also be an effective means of meeting new people, reducing social isolation and discovering activities that increase wellbeing and may lead to employment opportunities.

To help those willing to engage in this way, Keep Britain Tidy and Walking With The Wounded have come together to launch LitterForce, a partnership that will work with local people to tackle the scourge of roadside and countryside litter.

Our new programme, which is being piloted in Manchester, aims to recruit veterans and to help them to reintegrate into society by using the skills they acquired in the military – planning, logistics, coordination and communication – to work alongside local businesses, councils, schools and individuals to clean up their communities.

“Working with, and using the valuable skills of, these veterans will bring massive benefits for them, for the environment and for their communities. 

Volunteers wishing to tackle the scourge of litter on their doorstep, perhaps as part of their regular exercise, will be able to do so under the direction and leadership of some of our country’s finest men and women. 

Our ambition is that LitterForce will be at the vanguard of the fight against litter, delivering significant environmental, health and well-being benefits for all involved.”


Allison Ogden-Newton, Chief Executive, Keep Britain Tidy

"The LitterForce initiative is an excellent example of collaboration between separate organisations where there will be far-reaching impact.

For the veterans, it will act as a means of regaining their sense of purpose, demonstrating their value and reintegrating into society.

It will also support local communities and illustrate the talent and skills of the military to employers, as well as giving corporates an opportunity to volunteer alongside these men and women to uphold their social responsibilities."


Ed Parker, CEO, Walking With The Wounded


Our pilot has been made possible thanks to an extremely generous anonymous donation, and is also supported by Manchester City Council.

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