Caring for the environment on your doorstep.
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Join the country’s biggest ever mass action environmental campaign and help clean up this country!

This spring, Keep Britain Tidy needs your help. We’re aiming to inspire around half a million people to join forces - in partnership with community organisations, businesses and the government - to collect and safely dispose of litter from our streets, parks and beaches, recycling as much as possible.

We want to stand together declare that litter – that degrades the beauty of our environment and threatens to harm wildlife – is not acceptable.


How you can make a difference:

This year, we are asking people to do one of three things:

  1. Sign up to host a (public or private) clean-up OR log in to My Dashboard if you've signed up before

  2. Join a clean-up near you

  3. Pledge your support

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Why do we need a Great British Spring Clean?



Picture the scene. You’re at the park, it’s a glorious spring day, the sun is shining, there’s a gentle breeze. Then you spot an empty crisp packet blowing around in the wind, cigarette butts next to the bench, and an empty plastic bottle next to (but not in) the bin!

Not only does litter spoil the natural beauty of our environment, it also poses a threat to marine and wildlife. In 2018, the RSPCA recorded more than 7,000 incidents of animals being injured as a result of litter last year, and we know that 80% of litter than ends in the sea begins on land.

We also know that litter attracts litter. Our research shows that the presence of litter can act as a social cue, implying that it is acceptable to litter at an already littered site.

Who’s responsibility is it?


By joining forces with others who care about your community, we not only improve the environment on our doorstep, we also strengthen community bonds and improve our own wellbeing. 

Of those surveyed, 86% said they felt they had made a difference to their local area after participating in the Great British Spring Clean 2018, which just goes to show that a an individual action can equate to a huge change. 83% also feel more part of their community

Being part of the solution means you become an advocate - 88% said they will encourage other people that they know or meet not to drop litter.

Join a clean-up near you


Tired of seeing litter in your community? Let’s clean-up this country!

You don’t need any prior experience to start taking a stand against litter. Last year, around 18% of people who took part in the Great British Spring Clean were completely new to litter picking. All you need is a little bit of time and the desire to create positive change.

Our community of #LitterHeroes are busy listing clean-ups all around Great Britain, which will run between 22 March - 23 April 2019. Many of these are open to members of the public and are FREE to join.


Here’s how you cam join a clean-up:


Find a clean-up and email the host

To find a clean-up near you, follow these simple steps:

STEP 1: Search our map of clean-ups
STEP 2: Find a clean-up you'd like to attend, click on it and open the clean-up's webpage
STEP 3: Complete the  'join this clean-up form' to get in contact with the host and let them know you're interested. They should get back to you to confirm your place(s) and anything else you need to know - like what equipment to bring.

At the clean-up, the host should run you through some basics with you:

  • How to stay safe during the clean-up and how to avoid hazards

  • How to separate the litter you collect in to three bags; one for plastic bottles, one for aluminium cans and one for general waste

But please also read our guide to participating in a clean up.


Get prepared

To be prepared for the clean-up, you can:


Make some noise!

  • Follow Keep Britain Tidy on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or subscribe to our channel on YouTube to see what others are doing and share posts form your own account using the hashtag #GBSpringClean to inspire others to take part.


Help us report your impact

At Keep Britain Tidy, we want to know how it makes you feel to see litter on your streets, your beaches, and parks.

We what to know how much you collected and how many people are standing up and saying – no more!

And we want to tell everyone about it; the media, big businesses and the government, so we can continue to pursue and influence change. 

After you have completed your clean-up, please remind your host to report their results to us, and share them with you.

We also want to make clean-ups a part of daily life, and encourage new people to be part of the pick. So please, share you pictures on social media as widely as possible using the hashtag #GBSpringClean and help us trend this very important topic.

Pledge your support


Or, maybe you'd prefer to pledge your support and how many minutes you are going to give to the campaign instead.

Everyone can join in with the Great British Spring Clean. You don’t have to organise a clean-up or join others if you don’t want to. You could pick up litter while walking the dog or on the walk to school.


Why pledge your support?

  • The RSPCA received 7,000 calls about animals injured by litter in 2018

  • It costs around £1billion to clean up each year

  • Litter attracts litter. The less there is, the less people will litter, and

  • Its good for our wellbeing and strengthens our community bonds: 83% of those surveyed said taking part in the Great British Spring Clean 2018 made them feel more part of their community


Share your pledge on social to encourage your family and friends to get involved too!

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