Wayne and Koda … Our litter heroes of 2016 05 January 2017


Wayne’s message to everyone is simple … “don’t just ignore litter, don’t simply be disgusted by it, do something about it.” Wise words that Wayne and his dog Koda are living by these days, as they litter-pick their way around the coast of Britain. 


He is our litter hero of 2016 not just because of all the litter he has already picked up, or his determination to complete the journey, but because of his work inspiring others to get involved too. When Wayne found out he was our litter hero of the year, his first reaction, aside from delight, was to make sure his faithful companion Koda would be sharing the honour with him. 


The two are our joint heroes, after all it was Koda who was partly responsible for inspiring Wayne’s journey. When Koda was younger he cut his paw on a discarded can. The injury was so serious he could have lost his leg, but £600 in vet fees later, Koda is thankfully recovered for his walk around Britain. 


Wayne and Koda’s litter picking round-Britain journey will continue in the new year, when the pair will also be ambassadors for the Great British Spring Clean as well as visiting more Eco-Schools to share their amazing story. Wayne estimates it may take another four years to walk the rest of the coast, so they will have lots of opportunities to inspire others along the way.  


Huge congratulations to Wayne and Koda for all they are doing – we will keep you updated on their progress as their journey continues.


The Great British Spring Clean is our biggest-ever litter campaign and is taking place 3-5 March 2017. If you haven't done so already, please register your support for the campaign and take part in or organise a clean-up event. Join the thousands of people all across the country who are getting active in the fight against litter!