Canals, brooks, becks, reservoirs and rivers provide vital wildlife corridors as well as places for people to enjoy visiting. The WatersideCare programme helps develop and support community groups to take ownership of a waterway and once up and running they are key players in their ongoing improvement.

The groups are encouraged to carry out regular conservation work, litter clean-ups, water quality improvement and wildlife surveying tasks. They are also provided with links to both Severn Trent Water and the Environment Agency for reporting pollution and misconnection incidents.

As well as supporting groups on the ground, WatersideCare also provide tools, protective gear, insurance and equipment to carry out practical tasks. The programme also helps community groups in applying for extra funding where appropriate.

With the backing of the Environment AgencyCanal & River Trust and Severn Trent Water this Keep Britain Tidy led project is helping people to look after stretches of their local waterways to reclaim them as vibrant, accessible and pleasant places to spend time.

Keep Britain Tidy employs three Project Officers who work across the Midlands and they have developed over 50 WatersideCare groups who look after their local stretch of waterway effectively.

Want to get a taster of what WatersideCare did in 2015-16? Read our summary here.


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