Water water everywhere 11 May 2017
Water water everywhere, but our research shows we don’t always know when we can ask for it.
We all know drinking plenty of water, especially in warm weather or when we are on the go, is good for our bodies and minds. But our recent research, carried out by YouGov and in association with BRITA UK, shows that many of us don’t know our rights when it comes for asking for water when we are out of the house.
Nearly three-quarters of us say we would like more availability of free tap water. But many of us either aren’t aware of our rights, or are nervous to ask for it, when it comes to accessing tap water, so we could be missing out. 
Our study showed 71% of people are uncomfortable asking for free tap water, without also buying something else while 37% are still uncomfortable asking for it, even if they are also making a purchase. 
But knowing our water rights can help. In England, Scotland and Wales, these include …
Licensed premises (including bars, restaurants and theatres) have a legal duty to provide free drinking water on request – although they can charge you to use the glass it comes in.
Schools must provide drinking water for all pupils at all times.
And all UK employers must provide free drinking water for staff in the workplace at all times. 
There is no legal duties for unlicensed premises – places like cinemas, health clubs or tourist attractions – to provide free water, although some will choose to. 
We found three out of four of us don’t know these water rights, and only 11% of us normally get tap water from cafes or restaurants on the go. 
So know your rights – then you can decide how and where you want to get your water each day.  For more information about our survey, including our recommendations from the findings, you can read the report here.