Enjoy a great #WasteLess Christmas!
Watch your waste this Christmas 15 December 2016

Christmas comes but once a year... 

Unfortunately, it brings with it a quite staggering amount of waste. This year, we are hoping to encourage everyone to have a great Christmas but do the right thing with the stuff that is left when the party is over.

Every year we dump or burn enough Christmas trees to stretch from London to the North Pole and back. Make sure you dispose of your tree the right way - click here to find out how you can do just that.

Don't forget that those mince pie cases can be recycled, along with all the tin foil, drinks cans, bottles and food tins - give them a rinse and put them in your recycling!

When it comes to food waste, Christmas is in a league of its own. We throw away more than 17 million Brussels sprouts, five million Christmas puddings and the equivalent of two million turkeys. Buy what you need, not what you traditionally get (and always throw out). Keep the food waste bin - if you have one - for things you can't eat and turn leftovers into curries and soups and even Christmas pudding ice cream. For more ideas visit www.lovefoodhatewaste.com

Don't forget to recycle all those Christmas cards and either save the wrapping paper to reuse next year or recycle it - it may help cut the amount of wrapping paper that's thrown away each year, currently enough to stretch to the Moon!

Finally, when you're wondering what to do with the fat from your turkey, don't simply pour it down the sink. We pour enough of it down our sinks every Christmas to fill an Olympic-sized swimming pool and it contributes to the 'fatbergs' that block our sewers causing damage and increasing the risk of flooding. Either put the fat in your food waste bin, if this is an option, or pour it into a bottle and put the bottle in the bin.

You can enjoy all the trimmings that go with Christmas and, with a small amount of effort, make sure that you do the right thing with the waste.

To find out what you can do with your Christmas tree come 12th night, and all the other waste that you find yourself staring at when the twinkly lights go out and the relatives have headed home click here.

Once you put in your postcode it will take you to your council's website where you can find all the information you'll need to make it a #WasteLess Christmas.