Waste Less, Lunch Free events return to North London 13 June 2017
We are very pleased to announce that the Waste Less, Lunch Free events, run by Keep Britain Tidy on behalf of North London Waste Authority (NLWA), are back in North London boroughs this summer. The Waste Less, Lunch Free events are part of NLWA’s wider Wise Up To Waste campaign which encourages people to waste less, including wasting less food.


With events popping up at popular public venues such as London Fields, Alexandra Palace and The Broadwalk Centre, we are looking forward to talking to people and inspiring local residents to reduce their food waste. With the average family in the UK wasting approximately £700 worth of food every year, these events are a brilliant way to help people reduce their food waste and save themselves hundreds of pounds. 


Chefs will be cooking up delicious savoury and sweet dishes, demonstrating what can be done with leftovers or the odds and ends often found at the bottom of the fridge. All the food used for the event will be at the end of its useful life, and otherwise would have gone to waste. Attendees will be able to enjoy portions of the food and watch live cookery demonstrations happening throughout the day. 


In addition to the free food, Keep Britain Tidy staff will be offering tips on reducing food waste in the home, including how to make best use of your fridge and freezer, and sharing recipes for using up leftover ingredients. We will also be giving away bag clips to keep food fresher for longer, rice scoops and spaghetti measurers, designed to help people measure perfect portions. And encouraging everyone to use their borough’s food waste recycling service or try home-composting. 


Where and when?
 Saturday 24th June                      London Fields (part of Hackney’s annual Repair & Reuse day)  Hackney  11am – 3pm
 Saturday 1st July   Jester Festival,
Fortune Green 
 Camden  12pm – 6pm
 Sunday 2nd July Nags Head Shopping Centre   Islington  11am – 3pm
 Saturday 22nd July Alexandra Palace Summer Festival        Haringey  12pm – 6pm
 Saturday 5th August  The Broadwalk Centre   Barnet  11am – 3pm
 Sunday 6th August  Edmonton Green
Shopping Centre    
 Enfield  11am – 3pm
 Saturday 19th August                     Bakers Arms   Waltham Forest         11am – 3pm