Waltham Forest talks food waste 21 September 2017
This summer, we worked with the London Borough of Waltham Forest to inform residents about a new weekly food waste collection trial running across part of the borough.
3,300 Leytonstone properties were selected to be part of the trial, running for six months and aimed at encouraging more residents to recycle more of their food waste.
All 3,300 properties were door knocked by our specially trained Recycling Advisors (who talked to a fantastic 44% of households) informing them about the trial and helping them overcome any barriers to taking part.
The team went back and delivered an indoor food waste caddy, an outdoor food waste bin and a roll of caddy liners, ahead of their first collection day.
Through talking to people face- to-face, we could answer any questions and queries about the service immediately, resulting in an extremely high 87% of residents claiming they would use the new service. 
After just five weeks, almost 18 tonnes of food waste had been collected. This is half of the 36 tonnes predicted to be collected over the whole six months – a great start to the trial.