Want to show you love where you live?

There are many ways you can volunteer with Keep Britain Tidy and show your pride in your area.

We need your help.

Every year, we rely on thousands of people on the ground who want to improve their communities, who care for their beaches and green spaces and who want to make the way we live more sustainable.

Join us and help us fight for better places.

You can get involved with England's biggest litter pick The Big Tidy Up.

If you love your local beach or river, why not join one of our Care programmes or think about starting your own through our RiverCare, WatersideCare or BeachCare programmes.

Why not help equip the next generation with the skills and ways to protect and preserve our planet. Through our Eco-Schools programme you can help the leaders of the future to think about the way we live and the impact on our environment.

There are lots of reasons why people volunteer with us. Some people volunteer to meet new people and others to gain experience. By volunteering in one of our offices or by getting involved with our campaigns, you could learn new skills and gain valuable work experience.

Whatever your reason, we're so grateful for your help.

Get in touch with us and we can discuss the ways in which you can help.