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Stephanie Wyatt

Turning Tides Communication & Engagement Manager

Stephanie has worked with Keep Britain Tidy since January 2017, supporting bathing water improvement initiatives across the North West of England.

Stephanie’s role focuses on engaging with a diverse range of stakeholders, from MPs to farmers, about pollution contributing to poor bathing water quality and advising on ways to reduce these.

With nine years of marketing experience and a first class degree in the subject, she has intensified the public-facing LOVEmyBEACH campaign. LOVEmyBEACH offers advice on behavioural changes, such as only flushing the 3Ps (pee, poo and paper) and always picking up dog poo at the beach.

In the last two years, 100% of bathing waters in the North West have hit standards compared to just 18% 30 years ago, highlighting the improvements being made.

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