Spreading the recycling message in Surrey 03 July 2017

In the autumn of 2016, Keep Britain Tidy worked with Surrey County Council to talk to local residents about their recycling services and how they could recycle more effectively. A team of 15 trained Recycling Advisors knocked on the doors of over 22,000 households across nine districts and boroughs in Surrey.

The team achieved a very impressive contact rate of over 50%, talking to over 11,000 residents about what they can and cannot recycle in their bin, and taking over 370 orders for recycling bins and food waste caddies.

Whilst our team chatted to residents, they also informed them about the Recycle for Surrey website so they could quickly and easily find out more about their local waste and recycling services. It also provided a great opportunity for residents to ask questions and provide feedback about their local service.

For residents that the team could not reach, a postcard providing local recycling advice was delivered, ensuring the message was provided to as many people as possible.

Catherine Porter, Waste Improvement Officer for Surrey County Council said:

“It has been wonderful to work with Keep Britain Tidy on this campaign.  Despite being complex and logistically challenging, the team approached the project with enthusiasm and professionalism. The Recycling Advisors were both knowledgeable and skilled, and they worked hard to deliver high quality conversations with residents, to increase recycling and tackle contamination.”

Our Waste Services team specialises in the delivery of campaigns designed to increase the quantity and quality of recycling. If you’re interested in running a similar campaign, please contact Dr. Anna Scott, Waste Services Manager on 020 7420 4407 for an informal chat or email anna.scott@keepbritaintidy.org