Please #binit4beaches this summer 14 August 2017
If you’re visiting one of the UK’s hundreds of designated bathing water beaches this summer, you might be shocked to find a wet wipe buried in the sand next to your picnic spot.
It’s unlikely that these wipes have been left here as litter. Millions of wipes are wrongly flushed down the toilet each year, and some reach our much-loved beaches and seas after sewers are overloaded by heavy rain or flooding.
Wet wipes, facial wipes or cleaning wipes are becoming essential to many; helping clean up anything from dirty nappies and grubby faces to bathrooms and toilets. The range of wipes on the market is increasing in line with this demand.

The Marine Conservation Society's annual beach litter survey shows that the number of wet wipes found on UK beaches have echoed this trend, increasing by 700% over the last decade. 

“But my wet wipe says flushable on it?” 

Unfortunately, ‘flushable’ wipes may not break down quickly once they've been flushed. This can add to the risk of blockages, so unless your water company says it can safely be flushed, it’s probably best to put it in the bin. 
The #binit4beaches campaign is talking to people over the summer holidays about the importance of only flushing the 3P’s down the toilet; pee, poo and (toilet) paper and always putting wet wipes in the bin. 

“Can I help?”

Instantly - Make this small change in your home and help reduce wet wipes reaching our much-loved rivers and seas.
You can also help increase awareness amongst your friends and family, about the effects on the environment when wet wipes are flushed down the toilet. Share this story or use the #binit4beaches hashtag on social media between the 14th and 20th August.