Plastic Free Challenge 01 June 2017
This June, our RiverCare and BeachCare team will be celebrating World Oceans Day by participating in the #PlasticChallenge. Follow their progress or why not join the challenge too.
Throughout June, Andrew, Fiona, David and Lottie will be attempting to give up single-use plastic - from straws to packaged fruit and veg. They will be documenting the success and difficulties along the way. The aim is to highlight the devastating effects that plastic is having on our marine environments and reduce our consumption of single-use plastic.
So much plastic pollution ends up in our rivers and on our beaches causing havoc to our natural habitats. According the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), 80% of litter which ends up in our watercourses and in our seas was originally dropped on land. These shocking statistics, and recent news stories including the uninhabited South Pacific Island littered with 38 million pieces of plastic, have raised awareness around the issue and the throw-away culture surrounding our use of plastic. 


This formidable challenge will test lifestyle and shopping habits and hopefully highlight the small changes we can make in our everyday lives to combat marine litter. The team will be regularly updating Twitter and Facebook with any great plastic saving tips or times when plastic simply couldn’t be avoided. Each week through June a different team member will write a weekly round up of their experiences that will feature on the News section of our website. 


The Plastic Challenge is a Marine Conservation Society initiative that we’ve chosen to support. If you fancy a challenge this June and want to reduce your single-use plastic you can head to their website and sign up. The RiverCare and BeachCare team hope to examine the individual difficulties of breaking ties with our engrained use of plastic packaging by changing the habits that we’ve formed. 


Don’t forget to follow us Facebook and Twitter @RiverCare to keep an eye on how we get on.