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Our new Coca-Cola partnership

Working together to support our Litter Heroes


We are delighted to work with Coca-Cola to boost litter prevention and support our country’s Litter Heroes. Coca-Cola will be a key partner in next year’s Great British Spring Clean, helping to support a network of Litter Heroes cleaning up our country.

Working together, we want to inspire volunteers to clean up not only their villages, towns and cities but also our rivers and beaches, creating a chain of litter picking activity from #Street2Sea. With 80% of marine litter originating from land, everybody can play their part in preventing littering not only in their local area but also in our rivers, beaches, seas and oceans.

Coca-Cola is also supporting our award-winning Centre for Social Innovation to research beach litter and littering behaviour. The research will help develop new solutions to the problem, which can be scaled up around the country, changing the behaviour of the small minority who enjoy visiting the beach but think nothing of leaving their rubbish behind.

Keep Britain Tidy Chief Executive Allison Ogden-Newton said:

“We are thrilled that Coca-Cola is giving the Great British Spring Clean a helping hand so that we can realise our ambition to mobilise up to half a million people next year.

“Littering blights every corner of our country and the help of partners is vital if we are to support all the #LitterHeroes who are willing to get out and clean up after those who still think it is OK to drop their rubbish on the ground.”


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