Lots more reasons to visit your local beaches 13 October 2015

The official bathing water season may be over for the year, but there are still plenty of reasons to visit your local Blue Flag or Seaside awarded beach. Here's just some of our favourite reasons to make the most of the shorter days and head to the beach this Autumn or Winter ...

  • Beaches are often quieter at this time of year, so its a great opportunity for a walk along the beach.
  • Crisp, clear winter days can be a great chance to take photos. 
  • Winter storms often wash up some interesting flotsam and jetsam onto the strandline. Take a closer look after a storm at the seaweeds, shells and other finds from the sea. Or why not take along a bin bag and litter picker / gloves and tidy up the litter from along the strandline.
  • Seasonal dog exclusions may be lifted on your beach at this time of year (check the signs though as some are year round), so its a great chance for your dog to join you on the beach.
  • It may not be ice-cream weather anymore but fish and chips always taste best when eaten near the beach.
  • The facilities you'd expect from an awarded beach remain through the year - things like accessibility, good management and useful information.
  • Many of the best reasons to visit the beach are year round - health benefits, great views and fresh air.

Whatever your favourite reason to visit your local beach - make sure you get out and visit this autumn and winter. Find your local award-winning beach here.