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Smoking-related litter Solutions

Butts are tiny, but together they add up to a huge problem. They are a unique type of litter – smelly, unhygienic and on fire – and even smokers don’t like them.

More than 70% of streets are affected by smoking litter, with busy spots like high streets or transport hubs having even more of a problem. That’s why our innovation team are targeting these hot spots with our Smoking Zones.

"It’s good because we were seen to be doing something. Usually we have wall bins and people don’t notice them."

- Network Rail, Euston Station

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Smoking Zones


We have developed a solution to encourage smokers to dispose of their cigarette butts correctly. Designed to target ‘hot spots’, our Smoking Zones provide people with designated (well signposted) areas to smoke in. And, more importantly, specialist facilities are designed in response to research, enabling smokers to dispose of their cigarettes in a way that suits them.

Legal & enforcement training


Enforcement, when it's used proportionately and with other methods, can be used to tackle all types of litter including smoking litter. We run a suite of training courses, including our accredited five-day Enforcement Academy, to give staff the knowledge, skills and confidence to tackle smoking litter.

Learn from each other and from our experts


As members of our Network of local authorities, you’ll be able to learn from us and each other. Sharing good practice or lessons learnt, at our regular events and online. You’ll also have access to our legal experts – experienced environmental solicitors – available to answer your legal, policy and enforcement queries.  

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